About Us

Scott Silver started working in the construction industry in the mid-1980's. In 1991 he founded Silver Construction (License #632465). Today, Scott holds both a General Contracting License (B), as well as a General Engineering Contractor's License (A). Scott's reputation as a knowledgeable, honest, and highly-skilled contractor led to a burgeoning business. SILVER Development & Associates, Inc. was established in 2000 (License #793821).

"My commitment to delivering quality, value for the money, and timely courteous services has made clients into friends."
~ Scott Silver,
General Contractor

In the deepest meaning of the words:
We Stand Behind Our Work

SILVER Development & Associates, Inc. creates living spaces that are a reflection of their owner's personality and design aesthetic. The homes we remodel, or build from the ground up, have a long-term value and superior craftsmanship. The trusting relationship we build with our clients is as important to us as the beauty and integrity of the homes we build for them.

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